Tough As Bails!

Posted on July 20 2019

Tough As Bails!
Our amazing friend Bailey was in a motorcycle wreck on the coast of Washington mid July where she sustained some serious injury that has currently left her unable to work and facing some major financial hardships having to deal with multiple surgeries, medical care in the United States, and recovery time.

The other vehicle involved left her for dead on the side of the road. A random HERO (Kevin) drove by and found her on the side of the road alone and unconscious. He got her medical attention and she was rushed to Portland for surgery with more to come. It's going to be a long hard road for her and needs all the help she can get.

Bailey is a huge supporter of our amazing bike community and has countlessly volunteered her time and skills to help many individuals who have needed a hand along the road. She has literally driven hours through the night and worked tirelessly on little sleep just to help someone without question or looking for anything in return. She is an extremely genuine and amazing person.

It’s our turn to support her. Please help us raise some money for her and her family on the road to recovery they are facing due to this unfortunate accident and costs of medical care in the US. Any contribution of any size will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.
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